This novel takes a new spin on the classic romantic, “If I dated a pop-star,” scenario. With that said, I ended up loving this book like I do most of Colasanti's books. Her characters are original and stand out enough to keep the readers attention. For example, Sterling, the main character, is obsessed with fixing typos every chance she gets and loves to cook, is very good at it as well too. In the novel, she's in love with her boyfriend named Ethan, who is on his way to fame. He's what record labels would dream of, the perfect pop-star. The story leads the audience through the process of Sterling following him into fame and what happens afterward. In the end, it is a story about discovering what love really is and needing to be true to yourself. It will leave you ecstatic and wanting to read more of Colasanti's novels. Fortunately, she has seven more books at the library for people's enjoyment. (Sometimes her stories crossover with her other novels. In Now and Forever, the main character from Waiting For You, Marissa, comes in briefly and is mentioned several times.)
-Reviewed by Alyssa Noch


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