old driftOn one level, this is a saga about three generations of families told largely through the eyes of grandmothers, mothers, and children as they migrate or marry and assimilate into Zambia from 1903 to the near future with each chapter focusing on a single member of the family.

On a second level, The Old Drift is just as much a tale of a changing nation, Zambia, as it undergoes the effects of colonialism and all of the loss that go with it. The Old Drift of the title refers to the name the region near Victoria Falls was given by British colonists in the 1800s, starting with the famous explorer David Livingstone. From the late 19th century, where a white man stakes a claim to land that isn’t his, to several years into the future where technology becomes part of our bodies, The Old Drift lays open the repercussions of colonization.

A combination of historical fiction with a bit of mythical episodes and elements of science. Superb writing, richly imagined with deftly-drawn oddball characters.

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