Part mystNight Filmery/part horror novel--Night Film follows a disgraced journalist's probe into the suicide of the daughter of a famed yet reclusive horror film director.
This thrilling page-turner pulls the reader along as the investigation goes into some deep and dark places.
Faux webpages, news and magazine articles, and photographs give this book a feeling of realism.


The Secret History of the Pink Carnation book coverThis is a Regency-era adventure filled with crazy plots to prevent Napoleon from invading England, a romance with a famous masked hero, and a plucky heroine who wants in on the swashbuckling action. The back-of-the-book description doesn't do justice to the humor in Willig's writing style. This is a quick, fun read with many more books in the series to follow.

deadwakeAnother great book by Erik Larson! He includes so many details in his stories that make you understand the past as if you'd live it yourself. If you have an interest in the Titanic and other shipwrecks, you'll want to read about the Lusitania.

piratehuntersOnce again Robert Kurson takes us under the water to the past, this time to relive pirate adventures in the Dominican Republic. One of history's best known pirates, Joseph Bannister, was said to have lost his ship The Golden Fleece in the waters near the island during a battle with the English Royal Navy in 1686. In the present day we follow John Chatterton and John Mattera when they decide it's worth almost everything to find that shipwreck. People having been looking for The Golden Fleece for years - will Chatterton and Mattera be able to do what no one else has been able to do?

notmyfatherssonAn unflinching look into the abusive childhood of actor Alan Cumming, and the parallels he sees in his story and that of his maternal grandfather, whom he never knew.

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