circlingAn epic historical fictional account about the life of Beryl Markham, best known as the first woman to fly a solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic from east to west in 1936 and the first certified female horse trainer at the age of 18 in Africa. Raised by her father and abandoned by her mother, she grew up as an ex-pat in colonial Kenya in the early 1900’s on her father’s horse farm in the Rift Valley, north of Nairobi as a wild and free child.

A fascinating woman, who was unwilling to be held back by the limitations of the social norms or gender in the early twentieth century, Paula McClain has captured the spirit of this very adventurous, daring trailblazer.

Along with painting a lush portrait of Kenya and a vivid portrayal of the ex-pat European community in which she lived, including Karen Blixen (aka Isak Dinesen) and Denys Finch Hatten, McClain has magically transported the reader to another time and place in history and made Beryl’s story come alive.

girl translationThe story explores the struggles of a young girl and her mother, immigrants from Hong Kong, who face a multitude of problems on the promise of a better life in New York City only to find themselves in the grips of squalid poverty. It is an eye opener into the underworld of exploitation of  immigrants and sweatshops in the late 1990's. Moving, inspiring, sad, infuriating at times and ultimately uplifting.

 Part mystNight Filmery/part horror novel--Night Film follows a disgraced journalist's probe into the suicide of the daughter of a famed yet reclusive horror film director.
This thrilling page-turner pulls the reader along as the investigation goes into some deep and dark places.
Faux webpages, news and magazine articles, and photographs give this book a feeling of realism.


The Secret History of the Pink Carnation book coverThis is a Regency-era adventure filled with crazy plots to prevent Napoleon from invading England, a romance with a famous masked hero, and a plucky heroine who wants in on the swashbuckling action. The back-of-the-book description doesn't do justice to the humor in Willig's writing style. This is a quick, fun read with many more books in the series to follow.

deadwakeAnother great book by Erik Larson! He includes so many details in his stories that make you understand the past as if you'd live it yourself. If you have an interest in the Titanic and other shipwrecks, you'll want to read about the Lusitania.

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